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The Y0urSiri proxy server is a proxy server written in Java that implements the protocol that the Siri Assistant on the iPhone uses to talk to Apple’s servers. My friend Bradley and I created the server so that we could have Siri on our unsupported iOS devices; I had an iPhone 4 and he had a 4th generation iPod Touch, and we had installed Siri on them via Jailbreaking, but Apple’s servers require an authentication token to connect to them that only iPhone 4’s (at the time) could generate, and they also expired every 24 hours.

In order to fix this problem, I wrote the proxy server in Java and we connected our devices to the server, instead of directly to Apple. When an iPhone 4S connected to the server, the server would cache the phone’s authentication token and save it. Then, when a non-4S device connected, the server would replace the device’s invalid token with the saved one from the iPhone 4S, and it worked!

Below, you can view the now outdated videos that I, Bradley, and some of our original partners in France made. I also integrated the Siri proxy with the Blitz MMO Engine in order to reboot the server; you can also view that video below!

Blitz MMO Integration



French Partners